I am a bird photographer based at bird rich Mandi Town of the Indian state of  Himachal Pradesh. The nature has always been a passion for me and it has always been my ambition to spend as much time a possible outdoors amongst the wildlife I so love to be around.
I spend all my spare time out in the field photographing the local birds. It isn’t until you ‘get out there’ that you discover what wonderful wildlife there is around you.
My passion for photography has evolved over the last few years having started as by the encouragement of Dr. Parmar to keep a photographic record of birds and the wildlife that I had photographed. Photographing birds soon became extremely addictive as I was finding and photographing many new species on a regular basis. The realisation of so many diverse species then inspired me to stretch my wings beyond the garden and actually open my eyes to the fantastic wildlife which was here right on my own doorstep!
For the last couple of years I have been actively looking for birds of my local area and recording it through my photographs.
Photography has also helped to identify exactly what birds has photographed since I started developing it from past two-there years. From this photographic record I already have a bird count of 150 species and numerous other bugs, butterflies and other types of insects!
My main focus is Himalaya’s wildlife and in particular I tend to concentrate most my effort on photographing birds. I have a real passion for Pheasant which always prove a challenge. The Khalij pheasant and Indian peafowl has to be my favourite and spending time with these most spectacular birds is something really quite special.
My main objective to publish this website is to motivate people of near and far and encourage them to give up much of their spare time to benefit our environment and protect the wildlife and it’s habitat for future generations to enjoy!
I’m an active member of several Birding Groups on Facebook like “Birds of Himachal”, “Birds of Himachal Pradesh”, “Bird Photography”, “Birding Friend”, “Wild Life Photography” etc.
I have a active Facebook Page “Bhagat Ram Photography” which is I used to shared Photographs of birds taken by me and it is getting popular day by day.