[dropcap style=”circle”]W[/dropcap]elcome to Birds of Himalaya where you can enjoy photographs of beautiful Birds of Himalayan region. Birds are the most beautiful creation of God on Earth. Their colour, behaviour, their singing ability and specially their flying ability attract all of us.

The Himalayas is crowns of the Indian Subcontinent and home of thousands of species of birds including some of the most beautiful and rare species of birds in the world. Amongst the larger birds found in the Himalaya are kites, eagles, vultures and pheasants. The medium-sized birds include fowls, cocks, woodpeckers and swallows while tits and warblers are some of the smaller birds of the Himalayan mountain chain.

Both resident and migratory birds live in the Himalaya. Migratory birds come to various parts of this mountain to spend a particular season; during summer they come from the plains of central India and during winter from the landmass of central Asia.

Bird migration is a very interesting avifaunal activity in the Himalayas. Birds moving to and from central and southern India and central Asia cross this mountain chain. They either fly along valleys of the important rivers like Indus, Satluj and Brahmaputra or fly over the high mountains. Altitudinal migration of birds also takes place. Many birds move to higher elevations in summers and descend to the shelter of the valleys in winters.